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Fitness and Martial Arts

Martial arts incorporates a number of traditional combat practices that aid in physical, spiritual, and mental growth. People also learn these techniques for self-defense and entertainment. Many parents view the sport as violent, and as such, discourage their children from taking part in it. Ironically, these fighting arts are a…Read More

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Please and Thank You: Martial Arts and Manners

Martial arts are traditions and systems of combat practices, and people get involved in them for a variety of reasons: self-defense, military and law enforcement use, mental and spiritual development, or even purely for entertainment purposes. They provide more than just a method of defense, an outlet for physical fitness,…Read More

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Confidence: The Best Way to Combat Bullying

Recently at the VMAs, the pop-singer Pink used her acceptance speech as a platform to address the insecurities that she’d heard from her six-year-old daughter. Her daughter felt she was ugly because she thought she looked like a boy with long hair. Because she’s so young, it’s easy to see…Read More

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