Martial Arts

Discipline and Martial Arts

Amean-faced child hurling a bloodcurdling battle cry is not exactly what we wan tour kids to be. In most martial arts, we see not just the war cries synonymousto ancient war chants from Gregorian and Greek mythologies; we see kids leapingairborne swinging their limbs lethargically. That does not paint a…Read More

How Martial Arts Can Help Your Child Against Bullying

Approximately one in every three students in the U.S. cities being bullied at least once in the course of the school year. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of students who get bullied in school report it. Anyone who has experienced bullying can tell you that it can be devastating. Several…Read More

How A Martial Arts Education Improves Your Child

Many parents balk at the idea of enrolling their child in a martial arts program. This is understandable; after all, most parents would prefer not to put their child in a situation where he or she could be on the receiving end of punches or kicks. Thankfully, you’re not likely…Read More

Bullying and Martial Arts: The Healthy Answer to Big Problem

You send you child off to school or play without giving it a second thought, but next to parents’ fears of having a child kidnapped, there’s a cruel world awaiting her the moment she leaves the safety of your home. It’s heavily populated by bullies using frightening tactics to exert…Read More

Discipline and Martial Arts

Many parents are interested in enrolling their children in martial arts classes or one-on-one training. However, they are not sure how the training will improve their child’s body and character. The truth is that this training can do a lot more for your child than you may realize. In addition…Read More

Confidence and Martial Arts

As parents, our biggest desire for our children is to see them grow into the best versions of themselves. You want them to be equipped with the necessary tools to navigate this tumultuous world with confidence and ease. You want them to have the mental ability to rationally assess a…Read More

Discipline and Martial Arts for Your Child

While you might think that five years old is too young to start learning martial arts, you would be wrong. The benefits of karate, Tae Kwan Do or other styles are many even for the youngest students. Through their training they will learn discipline, self-determination and confidence. They will learn…Read More

Confidence and Martial Arts

The martial arts are a training for the total person. Not only will you get into top physical condition by practicing them, but also you will achieve psychological well-being and the perfection of your personality. The actual health benefits of the martial arts are too numerous to mention. However, we…Read More

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