Grandmaster Jae Kyu Lee

Grandmaster Jae Kyu Lee is the founder of J.K. Lee’s Black Belt Academy.

Grandmaster J.K. Lee has been practicing Martial Arts for over 50 years. He immigrated to America from South Korean in 1975 and opened his first school in 1976.

In 1991 Grandmaster Lee achieved the rank of Grandmaster as a 9th degree black belt, the highest rank attainable. In 1997 Grandmaster J.K. Lee was awarded the Top Master Instructor award by the South Korean Government. He has also been featured in publications such as the Tae Kwon Do Times and the Journal of Osteopathic Sports Medicine.

In addition to his many accolades as a Grandmaster in Martial Arts Grandmaster J.K. Lee has been very proactive in the greater community. Grandmaster J.K. Lee trained the U.S. Olympic Speed Skating Team, the Indiana University Basketball Team, and the Marquette Basketball Team. After the tragedy of September 11th Grandmaster J.K. Lee was involved in training flight attendants in self-defense.