Germantown Location Instructor

We are proud of the team at our Germantown school location. Check out our Germantown school instructor below.

Germantown Martial Arts InstructorMaster Duke Lee

Master Duke Lee started his martial arts training in South Korea at age 7.  He holds a fifth degree black belt in Taekwondo and a red belt in Gum Do – a Korean sword martial art.  He also holds a degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in finance.  Master Lee has been the head instructor at the Germantown academy since 2007.

He began his career at J. K. Lee at 17 years old in 1997, teaching at Brookfield and Waukesha before coming to Germantown.  He has considerable experience as a taekwondo competitor, referee, and coach from the local to international level.  Master Lee was the Tri-State Tournament sparring champion in 2000, Grand Champion and center referee at dozens of J. K. Lee tournaments, a Hanmadang World Championship referee, and a translator, committee member, and coach for several Hanmadang National Championships.

Master Duke Lee enjoys giving back to the local community through charitable events like J. K. Lee’s annual Board Break-a-thon for Wisconsin’s Children’s Hospital as well as service for the general public.  He has trained hundreds of children in bully awareness and prevention as well as hosting safety and self-defense seminars for adults. The students at the Germantown location of JK Lee Blackbelt Academy love what Duke Lee brings


Mrs. Lofy

Mrs. Lofy began her Marital Arts training in 2007. She is currently a Third Degree Black Belt and is actively training toward her Fourth Degree. She has experience as a Tae Kwon Do competitor as well as a center referee at many tournaments. Mrs. Lofy is a two time grand champion in forms, has also earned a grand champion for breaking and is a two time gold medalist at Hanmadang, a national tournament.

Mrs. Lofy enjoys spending her free time with her family. She also enjoys volunteering weekly for an organization called Kids Kicking Cancer, which teaches children with cancer breathing, visualization and relaxation techniques, in addition to traditional martial arts techniques to help empower the children and provide them with a sense of power, peace and purpose.




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