Fox Point Location Instructors

We are proud of the team at our Fox Point school location. Check out our Fox Point instructors below.

Master Jeff Gendelman

Master Gendelman, a Kukkiwon certified Tae Kwon Do Master Instructor at our Fox Point martial arts school, began studying martial arts over 40 years ago. He has trained in New York City, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Montreal, and Japan and holds advanced ranks in four different styles. Since 2003, he has devoted himself to Grand Master J.K. Lee’s incomparable Tae Kwon Do curriculum. Mr. Gendelman’s life experience, teaching credentials and years of instructing children and adults make him uniquely qualified to bring out the best in people.

He is a graduate of both the University of Minnesota and Outward Bound Survival School.  He is also a certified instructor in the award-winning Safety Kids program, a certified Verbal Defense instructor, an approved instructor through the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, and has received self-defense instructor certification from Master Police Instructor Dave Young.  Mr. Gendelman, along with Master Chan Lee, founded the nonprofit J.K. Lee City Youth Martial Arts Program (CYMAP), which brings the character enriching benefits of martial arts to youth in underserved areas around Milwaukee, WI.  Mr. Gendelman has been a guest lecturer at many high schools, colleges and universities, including USC, University of Tampa, St. John Fisher College, and Marquette University. He is a regular lecturer at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee for the credited Tae Kwon Do program.

Additionally, Mr. Gendelman was a team leader for the black-belts-only Ultimate Black Belt Test, a demanding and uplifting 13-month test developed by Master Tom Callos, and has earned many trophies at tournaments, including Grand Champion at the Midwest Tournament of Champions. Recently, Mr. Gendelman wrote and produced the inspiring drama, The Surface, filmed entirely in the Milwaukee area, starring Sean Astin and Chris Mulkey. The film took Mr. Gendelman 18 years of perseverance and indomitable spirit to bring to the screen. As a result of this extraordinary accomplishment, Master Chan Lee brought him to the attention of the TED Talk committee. Mr. Gendelman’s TEDx talk titled, The Martial Art of Making a Motion Picture – an 18 Year Test of Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit, was given at Marquette University.