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      JK Lee Black Belt Academy's:
      2017 Tournament of Champions

      NOVEMBER 4 - Brookfield East High School

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      Tournament Rules

      All Black Belt Breaking competitors must fill out this BREAKING WORKSHEET - Please download (will not be able to fill in from the browser) and complete a fillable PDF for your breaking. (Scroll to the bottom of this page if you are having difficulty). Refer to the Worksheet Demos for formatting.  Submissions that do not follow the example formatting will not be accepted. If you need help, the front desk at your dojang can help submit your form. The Breaking Points Suggestion page can give more examples and ideas. Please submit completed forms to jkleetournament@gmail.com by No later than Monday, October 30 9:00PM.  Late submissions will not be considered.

      Breaking Points Suggestions

      Worksheet Demo - Example 1

      Worksheet Demo - Example 2


      7:00a - Set Up

      8:00a - Black Belt Meeting
      (meeting is mandatory for all black belts including competitors and judges for the AM session)

      8:15a - Black Belt Forms (all ages)

      9:30a - Black Belt Breaking (all ages)

      10:30a - Black Belt Sparring (all ages)

      10:45 - Family Forms - all ranks, all ages

      11:45a - Afternoon Judges meeting and Lunch Break
      (Meeting is mandatory for all black belt judges for the PM session)

      12:15p - Color Belt competitors arrive unless Family Forms Competitors (arrive 10:00AM)

      12:30p - Demonstration including Grand Champion Events

      1:30p - Color Belt Forms and Breaking
      (youngest to oldest)

      3:30p - Color Belt Sparring

      All times are tentative and will change according to the number of competitors

      Early Registration Ends October 28 at midnight.

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      Notes about breaking worksheet:

      1. The fillable PDF will not work in the Windows 10 native browser "Edge"
      2. Download the fillable PDF and then open it to edit it.
      3. A great free PDF viewer for Windows machines can be found directly from Adobe here. Make sure to uncheck the free offers. Reader is also a great Win 10 pdf application.
      4. MacOS users can use the native Viewer application to edit the document.
      5. If you still have problems with making this work, let your front desk know at your dojang and they can help you fill it in at the desk and submit it.