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      J.K. Lee Black Belt Academy Summer Camps!

      Our summer camp at JK Lee Black Belt Academy is a unique opportunity for children of all ages to have fun and be physically active, while building their personal character.

      Our overarching goal is to have fun and, in the process, develop your kids physical fitness and life skills, such as self-confidence, self-discipline, focus and concentration.

      Camp consists of a variety of activities to keep camper active, engaged and, most of all, having fun. We practice martial arts, play games, do arts & crafts, eat fun foods and take field trips. Sitting in front of TV or computer screen is NOT part of (school name)s summer camps.

      Also, in everything we do, there is an emphasis on kids respecting each other, encouraging and supporting each other, and celebrating each others successes.

      Summer Camp 2018

      Summer Camp 2018 is filling up fast so, if you think our program might be a good choice for your child or teen, please contact us soon.

      You have many summer activities to choose from but, in our experience, none provide the level of fun and personal development that we offer at the JK Lee Black Belt Academy summer camp.

      Summer Camp Benefits

      Here are the benefits of a summer camp experience at JK Lee Black Belt Academy:

      • Increased fitness: physical activity via martial arts and playing games is a big part of the day at our summer camps to kids build strength, stamina, flexibility and balance.
      • Increased self-esteem: we focus on providing a positive environment and celebrating each others achievements, which boosts self-confidence.
      • Increased social skills: we emphasize self-leadership and the ability to deal with others in a mature way.
      • Energy release: with all the physical activity, especially the kicking, punching and screaming thats part of martial arts instruction, your kids will come home tired and ready for a good nights sleep.
      • Respect for values: honesty, courtesy, integrity, perseverance and excellence are just some of the value we teach at our summer camps in Milwaukee.
      • Increase focus and concentration: the Mayo Clinic specifically mentions martial arts as an effective therapy for ADD and ADHD.

      Bottom line: the JK Lee Black Belt Academy summer camp for kids builds strong minds and bodies and is great fun for everyone involved.

      Best of the Summer Activities

      Whether your child is a beginner or a black belt, they will learn, grow and have a blast in a safe and respectful environment.

      Our summer camp is taught by certified martial arts instructors with years of experience in teach children. Your child will be well supervised by professional staff.

      We look forward to having your child or teen participate in one of the best summer activities in Milwaukee.

      Again, if you think our summer camp for kids might be a good choice for your kid.

      Check out the information below for more details.

      All School Summer Camp Flyer 2018

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      Click here to download a registration form

      Completed forms should be mailed with a check to the specific J.K. Lee Academy location. See our addresses listed on the side. To pay by credit card, please call the J.K. Lee location. 

      Online registration coming soon! Thank you!


      Summer Camp For Teens

      Note: the summer activities at JK Lee Black Belt Academy aren’t just for children, they are also for teens, who often end up taking on leadership roles within our camps. Our summer camp will be an unforgettable experience for your teen that will teach him or her self-defense skills, self-discipline, self-confidence, social skills and personal values — all while building his or her physical fitness.