Martial Arts Fitness

Does your child enjoy rolling, jumping, kicking and yelling? Of course, he or she does. Every kid loves flexing their muscles whether they are physical ones or mental ones. What better way for a kid to flex their muscles than with karate, tae kwon do, kickboxing, and judo? Martial arts classes can surely give your kid many life lessons that will build character past the days of uniforms and belts. Karate, for instance, can teach your child character-building and self-defense as well.


Your Child Will Be Physically Fit

If you haven’t noticed, many of today’s children are simply not physically fit. As many as one in three American kids and teens are obese or overweight. From 1971 to 2011, the number of obese children more than tripled in the U.S. Children simply don’t exercise enough in the U.S.

Today’s number 1 health concern of parents is childhood obesity. Not only does obesity cause children to suffer from adult health problems such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and elevated level of cholesterol levels, they also cause them to suffer from the psychological effects of being obese. These include depression and low self-esteem caused by a negative body image of themselves.

Your child can be active, moving and learn to exercise by participating in Martial Arts. He or she can be fit and in the great shape by practicing the fitness exercises he or she has learned in class every day. Karate, kickboxing, Taekwondo or judo can be the answer to your child being fit and healthy.

Your Child Will Learn to Meditate, Be Challenged and Be Focused

There may be many benefits on the Internet, but the stillness and silence of meditation offer so much more. Do you know what the greatest obstacle is we all face? It is ourselves. Your child can learn this as he or she meditates, sits and sees where his or her weaknesses are. At these classes, there isn’t a flat-screen TV or music. These classes will give your child hard work experiences as he or she learns to be challenged, focused and still.

Being a student who is aware of the advantages of meditation will teach your child the importance of knowing his or her strengths and weaknesses. Combine this knowledge with knowing when to use skills of self-defense and he or she will build a wonderful sense of being self-assured.

Your Child Will Learn How to Take a Hit

In life, your child will have to not only take hits but in these classes, he or she will learn how to deal with it. There are different kinds of hits in life. For instance, your child may experience a literal blow in karate or a life lesson of disappointment like having failed a test.

Life forces all of us to take hits at times. However, the key to happiness is knowing how to take a hit best and to get right back up. The culture of today’s world where every kid gets a trophy makes getting hit or failing very difficult to cope with. Ironically, the best way to take a hit is for your child to know how to avoid it.



Your Child Will Learn the Way to Success is Hard Work

Being committed to succeeding, your child will improve his or her skill level. Giving anything their all with hard work will help your child to get better and better at Karate, judo, or Taekwondo.




Your Child Will Learn to be a Gracious Winner and a Good Loser as well.

These classes teach young students to work with one another in a competitive environment. They learn even when you are trying to win you should be kind. Good sportsmanship skills will give your child many dividends later in life.




Your Child Will Build Confidence

By taking leadership roles teaching lower-ranked students new skills, your child will build confidence. This confidence will encourage your child to be a leader now and later in life as well.

Respect Learned Will Develop Character

These programs emphasize respect for instructors, respect for fellow students and respect for school. Naturally, this learned respect will be carried into the students’ daily lives. Character to last a lifetime is the result of learning respect for others at a young age.

4 of the Best Martial Arts for Fitness
The following are best suited to loss of fat and improved body composition. They are the best because they combine strength training with functional movements, condition a person’s cardiovascular system, offer flexibility, agility, and mobility, build a spatial awareness and build gross motor control.


Taekwondo is all about the developing of kicking techniques along with the broadest striking arsenals. It is characterized by highly dynamic, energetic and devastating techniques of kicking. Both speed and power are emphasized while spatial awareness is delivered and flexibility is used. Many techniques are used in rapid succession to both the head and body.

Its focus is on the development of the largest body muscle groups that are in the legs. Requiring agility, explosiveness and a lot of speed training, it is and feels very demanding.


Muay Thai

Muay Thai is considered to be very basic because it doesn’t require many flashy and fancy techniques, joint locks or other complicated moves. Instead, it involves the use of fierce kicks, elbows, and knees while boxing.

The training for Muay Thai develops kicking, punching, knee and skills of movement to prepare for fighting strategy and conditioning. Muay Thai workouts and sparring are really tough.



Due to its emphasis on strength and endurance, wrestling is good for both fat loss and fitness. Wrestling begins in a standup position, but its main features are its devastating takedowns and control of the top position. Similar to Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling has no kicking or punching. Wrestling is all about controlling the opponent.




Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Since Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is described as encompassing devastating throws, sweeps, takedowns, limb manipulations, joint locks, controlling positions and chokes, it is known to be great for self-defense against single attacker scenarios. Wrestling, judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu all involve using punches and kicks when in a standing position to take out another person.