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      Please take a look there, and if you're a student, think about reviewing us yourself!

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      Thank you to Grandmaster Lee and all the staff at JK Lee’s for your excellence in teaching!

      Our son started at J.K. Lee Black Belt Academy when he was seven years old. This was something he wanted to do, but we weren't sure how he was going to like it. It turned out that he absolutely loved it and wanted to go to class every day! He really liked the instructors and the entire Lee Family. They all encouraged him to work hard, but made every class a fun learning environment. Nine years later he's still training at the Academy everyday and is working toward his Third Degree Black Belt. He has become a very good martial artist, but more importantly, he has developed into a humble, confident, respectful and mature young adult. We believe that Grand Master J.K. Lee's philosophy and teaching have made our son the person he is today. We are grateful and couldn't be more proud.

      – Laurie Glazer


      Nothing has made a more positive and incredible impact on my family’s life

      We have been part of the JK Lee family since 2005. I cannot say enough about the positive impact JK Lee has had on my three boys and on me. JK Lee is right in line with the qualities I strive to instill in my boys: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. Not only did they help build my boys confidence they helped me become more confident. My boys are better students, better siblings, and want to be positive role models. All of us have become better citizens. My boys have a head start over other children their age and I know through what they are learning they will be successful adults. As an adult whom did not have the best foundation growing up I know this would have been key in changing my life. I am at 37 years old healthier than I have ever been. I love sharing this journey as a family. If I could recommend one thing to every family or individual it would be to check out JKLee because once you get your foot in the door you fall in love with the contagious personalities. At JK Lee you find people who really care about your success and who are there to support you no matter what level you are starting at (I never did anything athletic before).

      – Kari Grosenick


      At JK Lee, you find people who really care about your success

      My entire family has been a part of J.K. Lee's Black Belt Academy for over 3 years. Nothing has made a more positive and incredible impact on my family's life. Initially, the biggest change I saw was in my two young boys, then 7 and 9. They became much more disciplined and well-behaved at home and at school. One of my boys has ADHD. Because Tae Kwon Do classes require such focus and self-discipline, his ability to focus greatly increased. His school teacher even noticed a difference. The greatest gift my children have learned, though, from J.K. Lee's is self-confidence. I know that as they go through life, this self-confidence will carry them far. I, myself, have gained fitness, confidence and discipline far beyond what I thought I had in me. I had never stuck with a fitness program before, but Tae Kwon Do at J.K. Lee's Black Belt Academy has become a way of life for my whole family. We set goals together and praise each other's accomplishments. I love that it is a sport we can all do together instead of having me and my husband watch from the sidelines!

      – Sara Staszak


      We are grateful and couldn’t be more proud

      My family has been training at JK Lee's since 2006. I have seen great improvements in both of my children and myself also. We are all more confident and know how to handle many situations with ease. I am grateful for this, it makes sending my children out into the world a much easier transition. Thank you to Grandmaster Lee and all the Staff at JK Lee's for your excellence in teaching!

      – Michelle Lofy