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      Special Offers

      We offer a variety of programs at JK Lee Black Belt Academy and, for each, we have web specials you can take advantage of.

      To access our current web special for a particular program, just click on its link below.

      A new window will open to a page where you can sign up to access the current martial arts special offer for that program.

      *  Martial Arts For Children

      - character, fitness and self defense

      *  Martial Arts For Kids & Parents

      - train together for fitness and self confidence

      *  Martial Arts For Adults

      - self defense, weight loss and confidence

      *  Children & Teen Birthday Parties

      - supervised fun with no stress and no work

      *  Family Safety and Self Defense

      - protect you and your kids from life's dangers

      *  Anti-Bullying Program

      - defense from physical and emotional abuse

      We hope you'll take advantage of one of these online special offers from JK Lee Black Belt Academy.